June 24, 2015
Glaucoma, OCT(Ocular Coherence Tomography) instruments improve our diagnosis and treatment of this silent disease
February 17, 2017

Bye-Bye Bifocals, You now have choices!

New methods allow us to eliminate or replace the line bifocal in glasses to see to read:

  1. New multifocal contacts change from a fixed focus at distance to a zoom focus for all distances. The best is also the newest from Bausch and Lomb “Ultra”and Alcon “Aqua Comfort Plus” with both daily wear and traditional monthly replacements. We have great success and expect more  patients than ever will enjoy the fun of wearing contacts.
  2. New digital lens technology makes the “No-Line” lens for glasses better than ever. The progressive lens is a gradual increase in near focus as you look lower in the lens. We have great success with the Varilux brand digital lenses since the hey give a wide reading area and smooth adjustment so they are easy to get used to wearing.
  3. Refractive surgery with LASIK can create a “Monovision” effect, so one eye is focused for  near and one for distance. It works over 80% of the time, and can be demonstrated to you with contacts.
  4. During Cataract surgery we can now include refractive surgery for bifocal correction using the Restor lens implant, or Monovision. This includes correcting astigmatism.
Dr Day is an Optometrist in private practice in the Hoover- Pelham, Alabama area. His interest is comprehensive primary eye care, including vision correction, and diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases like Allergies, Dry Eyes, Eye Infections, Glaucoma, Cataracts, and Macular Degeneration. Diabetic eyecare and prevention of vision loss thru early detction and treatment. Myopia prevention therapy and vision therapy using home based methods. Our office provides pre-and postop care of the Lasik and cataract patient. The NON-Lasik vision correction using CRT corneal refractive therapy, and Orthokeratology and Driemlens using a night wear contact lens that is removed during the day.

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